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January 6, 2017:
TOPIC: Digester cleaning & maintenance


  • Richard Weare, Capital Projects Manager, Greater Lawrence Sanitary Treatment District (GLSD), No. Andover, MA
    Richard has worked in operations at GLSD for many years, including during and since the commissioning of the District's three digesters in 2002.  He is overseeing the current installation of a fourth digester and combined heat & power (CHP) systems.
  • Paul Senesac III, President & CEO, P&H Senesac, Milton, VT
    Paul established P&H Senesac Inc in 1985, getting into the septic tank business and ultimately in the municipal & industrial waste treatment and cleaning business.  The company is now a nationwide service business providign solids dewatering, lagoon cleaning, and digester cleaning.

Weare presentation slides
Notes from discussion

October 7, 2016: 
TOPIC:  Co-Digestion Results in Net Energy Producer

Technical details of East Bay MUD's ground-breaking, net-zero digestion & energy systems. 

John Hake, who grew up in the Springfield, VT area, is the Manager of the Resource Recovery Program at East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) in Oakland, CA.  EBMUD was the first water resource recovery utility in the U. S. to reach net-zero energy production - and then net positive energy production.  They’re a leader in digestion, co-digestion, and energy generation.

Presentation slides
Notes from discussion


July 1, 2016

TOPIC: Co-Digestion: Adding outside feedstocks


  • Jim Jutras of Essex Junction, VT, which has processed in its digesters FOG, landfill leachate, food processing residuals, and more - for many years.
  • Mac Richardson, Lewiston-Auburn, ME, where, over the past year, they have begun experimenting with taking in outside feedstocks.

Presentation Slides (PDF)


April 1, 2016
TOPIC:  Introduction & Organization

A successful first NEDR webinar.
   Resource links:
      American Biogas Council
      WEF biogas data
      EPA AgStar
         Biogas recovery
      EPA Region 9

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