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NEXT: THERE WILL BE NO NEDR IN SUMMER 2019. (July 12 roundtable is canceled.)

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April 5, 2019
NEDR #13
Topic: Training and ADdressing Operations Challenges

FEATURING: Eric Spargimino, CDM Smith, Manchester, NH

Eric Spargimino, Environmental Engineer, LEED AP, has been on CDM Smith’s Biosolids and Bioenergy Community of Practice for more than a decade, participating in planning and design work related to AD for MWRA’s Deer Island WWTP and, most recently, the massive thermal hydrolysis and AD installation for the Trinity River Authority (TRA) that serves Dallas, TX. Eric will share lessons learned about AD operations challenges, which he picked up when training TRA and other operators getting started in AD operations.

Eric Spargimino: Training & ADdressing Operations Challenges, April 5, 2019
Sam Rajendran: ThermoGen Organic Rankine Cycle Engine, April 5, 2019

NEDR #13 sponsored by:

Mr. Sam Rajendran of R & D Dynamics is a mechanical engineer with 14 years experience working in the high-speed turbo-machinery field. His current focus is development and commercialization of an oil-free Organic Rankine Cycle system, which he will present at the beginning of this webinar.


January 4, 2019
NEDR #12
Topic: Technical Optimization of AD

FEATURING: Technical AD perspective from Michigan…

  • Joe Tesar, Quantalux, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Dana Kirk, Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center (ADREC) at Michigan State University

  • Chad Antle, Bioworks Energy LLC, Flint, MI

Antle, Kirk, & Tesar Slides
CMI Slides presented January 4, 2019
CMI References for residual wastes systems (PDF)

NEDR #12 sponsored by…



October 5, 2018
NEDR #11
Topic: ADvancements Around the Region - Roundtable


  • John Fischer, Branch Chief, Commercial Waste Reduction and Waste Planning, MassDEP - What’s New in MADssADchusetts?

  • Brian Paganini (VP, Managing Director) & Michael Curtis (Project Development), Quantum Biopower - What’s New in CT?

  • YOU: AD practitioners from around the region - WhADt’s New Where You Are?

Slides Notes


July 13, 2018
NEDR #10
Topic: How Food Scraps & Other Organics Work in Municipal Digesters -  An Update on Co-Digestion Research

FEATURING:  Professor Matt Higgins, Ph.D., Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

Dr. Higgins has led critical and timely research for WERF (now WRF) and other organizations on understanding biosolids odors, reactivation & regrowth, anaerobic digestion, and co-digestion of various organic residuals (biographical details). For this webinar, he provided an update on recent research on co-digestion.

Webinar Slides - NEDR #10 - July 13, 2018
Recording of Q & A / Discussion - NEDR #10 - July 13, 2018 - Topics: impacts of high phosphate (e.g. on dewatering); relation to rapid rise factors are mixing, viscosity of solids, and gas production rate; why odor goes down when food waste is added; cost of element analyzers; has anyone had bad experience with any particular added feedstock?; blending protocol for food waste samples for testing for COD; why mixing food waste slurry releases heat (heats up).

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April 6, 2018
TOPIC: Where the Feedstocks Go: Exeter Agri-Energy in Maine

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) at Exeter Agri-Energy (EAE) and Agri-Cycle's Role in Feedstock Sourcing.  Sarah Wintle and Greg Williams provided an overview of this leading northern New England food scraps recycling and AD operation.  A new, huge digester went online at EAE in 2017, and it's gobbling up an expanding portion of organic wastes from Maine and beyond.

Slides        Notes


January 5, 2018
NEDR #8    Sponsored by our website sponsors.
TOPIC:  ...Engines! 

What have we learned about buying, operating, & maintaining biogas engines in New England?
—Why choose an engine for biogas utilization? (compared to micro-turbines, etc.) - pros & cons
—Current options
—Greater Lawrence Sanitary District’s experience with recently purchasing, permitting, & installing 2 engines
—Essex Junction’s experience switching from micro-turbines to an engine, including start-up concerns & successes
—Operating & maintaining engines at Lewiston-Auburn WPCA
—Questions & Discussion

Slides presented at NEDR #8 - Engines! (PDF)
Audio recording of NEDR#8 webinar
   PART 1 - GLSD (MP3)
   PART 2 - Essex Junction (MP3)
   PART 3 - Lewiston-Auburn (MP3)


October 6, 2017
TOPIC: ADvancements in Mass & Around the Region

Presenter: James Doucett, Clean Energy Results Program Director, Mass DEP

Followed by a Roundtable of updates:  food waste processing facility in Charlestown, MA; the new digester complex at Johnston, RI; co-digestion & biogas management at Lewiston-Auburn, ME; and co-digestion ramping up at Greater Lawrence Sanitary District, No. Andover, MA.

Slides presented at NEDR #7
Notes, including Roundtable updates

NEDR #7 was sponsored by Wangen America.


July 7, 2017
TOPIC:  Digester Operations: Optimizing & Tracking Key Parameters

Presenter:  Chris Muller, Ph.D., P. E., Principal Engineer, Brown and Caldwell, Andover, MA.  Chris is a wealth of technical knowledge on anaerobic digestion and is continually involved in research to optimize digester operations. He's excited about digestion and looks forward to addressing your questions & challenges!

Slides presented by Chris Muller

NEDR #6 was sponsored by Huber Technology
Slides presented by Steve Macomber


April 7, 2017
TOPIC:  Types of "Wastes," Types of Digesters, Types of End Uses

Farm digesters & diverting food & other organics in Vermont

Presenter:  Alex DePillis, Senior Agricultural Development Coordinator; VT Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

Slides presented by Alex DePillis
Guidance: How to Send Food Processing Waste to On-Farm Anaerobic Digesters
VT Food Processing Waste Import Form for Farms



January 6, 2017
TOPIC: Digester cleaning & maintenance


  • Richard Weare, Capital Projects Manager, Greater Lawrence Sanitary Treatment District (GLSD), No. Andover, MA
    Richard has worked in operations at GLSD for many years, including during and since the commissioning of the District's three digesters in 2002. He is overseeing the current installation of a fourth digester and combined heat & power (CHP) systems.

  • Paul Senesac III, President & CEO, P&H Senesac, Milton, VT
    Paul established P&H Senesac Inc in 1985, getting into the septic tank business and ultimately in the municipal & industrial waste treatment and cleaning business. The company is now a nationwide service business providign solids dewatering, lagoon cleaning, and digester cleaning.

Weare presentation slides


October 7, 2016
TOPIC:  Co-Digestion Results in Net Energy Producer

Technical details of East Bay MUD's ground-breaking, net-zero digestion & energy systems. 

John Hake, who grew up in the Springfield, VT area, is the Manager of the Resource Recovery Program at East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) in Oakland, CA.  EBMUD was the first water resource recovery utility in the U. S. to reach net-zero energy production - and then net positive energy production.  They’re a leader in digestion, co-digestion, and energy generation.

Presentation slides
Notes from discussion


July 1, 2016

TOPIC: Co-Digestion: Adding outside feedstocks


  • Jim Jutras of Essex Junction, VT, which has processed in its digesters FOG, landfill leachate, food processing residuals, and more - for many years.

  • Mac Richardson, Lewiston-Auburn, ME, where, over the past year, they have begun experimenting with taking in outside feedstocks.

Presentation Slides (PDF)


April 1, 2016
TOPIC:  Introduction & Organization

A successful first NEDR webinar.