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Stantec has staff with a wide variety of biosolids experience throughout North America. Capabilities include master planning, technology evaluation, siting review, design, beneficial use, energy recovery, feasibility analysis, operational support, and regulatory compliance. Learn how Stantec can assist your project; contact Charlie Alix at 978-577-1441 or visit our website at  One Team. Infinite Solutions.

The Maritime Provinces Water & Wastewater Association (MPWWA) is committed to the improved operation of water and wastewater systems throughout the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada.  MPWWA supports facility operators and managers by providing regular hands-on workshops, seminars, and an annual conference in April.  MPWWA advances understanding of the design, construction, and management of water and wastewater systems, helping ensure protection of public health and the environment.  MPWWA began in 1979 as a New Brunswick - Prince Edward Island collaboration that was soon expanded to include professionals from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. See


Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) operates environmentally sound, turnkey recycling programs for generators of organic wastes or residuals. RMI recycles by-products such as biosolids and other wastewater solids to the benefit of both the generators and the end users. RMI manages and operates programs throughout New England, for both agronomic and industrial use. See


Synagro is North America's leader in residuals management services for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, managing over 11,000,000 wet tons of residuals for more than 1,000 generators across the U.S. and Canada. Services include transportation and incineration, drying and pelletizing, composting, mobile dewatering, andlagoon and digester cleaning. See


Lystek is an award-winning, organic materials recovery firm. Our patented and proven solutions for biosolids and organics management help reduce waste, costs, odors, and greenhouse gas emissions. We deliver scalable, cost-effective systems that promote beneficial use and wastewater treatment plant optimization by transforming valuable resources into nutrient rich, multi-purpose products.  Visit us at

Agresource provides services in all areas of beneficialutilization with particular emphasis on land application, compostfacility operations, compost marketing services, compost and soil screeningservices, and consulting services. For more information:

CDM Smith is a consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm delivering exceptional service to public and private clients worldwide. We help clients to implement biosolids treatment, disposal, and beneficial reuse options utilizing the latest thickening, stabilization, dewatering, composting, thermal drying, incineration, and odor control technologies. Contact: Mr. Dan Bisson at 603-222-8368.  See

Casella Organics (formerly New England Organics) provides world-class removal, transportation, recycling, processing, and marketing of organic resources — including short paper fiber, ash, wood wastes, food wastes, biosolids, and compost. Our experience with and knowledge about liquid and solid residuals help our clients build, manage, and maintain sustainable and effective waste solutions. Visit to learn more.

Northern Tilth provides organic waste recycling technical services.  Our clients include generators of organic wastes (paper mills, dairies, food processors) and companies and farmers who recycle these by-products to improve soils.  Our services include manure management plans, research, and developing recycling programs for organic wastes that have not historically been recycled.  For more info:

NEFCO – The technical leader in biosolids drying for 20 years. NEFCO leverages the best technologies and most advanced engineering to design, build, operate, and maintain efficient biosolids facilities that reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprint, and control capital and operating costs. The end product is used as a fertilizer and as an alternative fuel. NEFCO - Your Partner in Biosolids Management.  Learn more at

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