NEBRA is a non-profit professional association advancing the environmentally sound and publicly supported recycling of biosolids and other organic residuals in New England, New York, and eastern Canada.  Our membership includes the environmental professionals and organizations that produce, treat, test, consult on, and manage most of the region’s biosolids and other large volume recyclable organic residuals. NEBRA is funded by membership fees, donations, and project grants.  Our Board of Directors are from around the region.  NEBRA’s financial statements and other information are open for public inspection during normal business hours.

More about NEBRA:

NEBRA offers...

  • timely, accurate information

  • tours & field demonstrations

  • training

  • conference & workshops

  • public outreach

  • media & market consultation

  • best management practices

  • technical research & reviews

  • tracking of laws & regulations

  • support for residuals recycling