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"In six months or a year from now when the next public concern about the safety of biosolids is raised in the press or on the internet, I want NEBRA to be there to provide accurate and scientifically based information."

–Geoff Kuter, President, Agresource  

From phone surveys of members:

“Nothing is slipping past us as far as information goes, we rely on NEBRA to keep us both informed and represented where it counts.”
“NEBRA gets a lot done for the amount of personnel and money used.”
"NEBRA helps us connect with others in the industry and technology-sharing."
"Representation is the benefit.  The result is that people have a more positive view of biosolids use."
“Any information we need is just a phone call away with NEBRA.”
"NEBRA is very good about tracking legislation and making the information available to members.  We rely on NEBRA as a partner, making sure we stay informed, since we do not have time to do it ourselves."

 “We rely on recycling of pellet product for removal of sludge material.  NEBRA has been very active in promoting that and making sure it remains possible in our area.”

"NEBRA keeps us on top of biosolids rule-making and legislation.  We don’t have to worry about it.”

"Nothing slips past NEBRA, technically or with regulations. You are regional and national information in one place.”

“We are looking at handling our biosolids in a different way, and we know that we have the resources we need a phone call away.”

“We appreciate the information and lobbying efforts on behalf of biosolids generators. It is scientific and well done, even sewage sludge incineration.”

"Keep up the good work."

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NEBRA's Leadership

Providing biosolids information...

  • NEBRAMail, our email newsletter, is recognized widely for not just conveying the news, but for distilling and interpreting it.
  • NEBRA staff and members were co-authors of the 2013 National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) report Enabling the Future: Advancing Resource Recovery from Biosolids. 
  • NEBRA led the development of www.biogasdata.org - a widely acclaimed national resource.
  • NEBRA's Executive Director was lead author of the "Public Outreach and Involvement" chapter of the WEF/WERF/EPA Solids Process Design and Management manual (2012).
  • The NBP report Charting the Future of Biosolids Management cited NEBRA work more than any other. 
  • NEBRA led the 2004 WERF study on public perceptions of biosolids and the 2007 National Biosolids Regulation, Quality, End Use and Disposal Survey - the most commonly-cited data on biosolids use in the U. S.
  • NEBRA created the summary chapter and helped the United Nations and GMWC produce the Global Atlas of Excreta, Wastewater Sludge, and Biosolids Management.
  • NEBRA Information Updates and news publications address the most current critical issues: microconstituents, pathogens, greenhouse gas emissions, EPA sewage sludge incinerator regulations, legal issues, and public concerns (including responses to the two negative films about biosolids).
  • NEBRA is ready with information you need, when you need it.

Communications and cooperation...        

  • NEBRA provides comments in local and state hearings, public meetings, and community discussions.
  • NEBRA teams with diverse stakeholders, from farmers to concerned citizens and scientists, to regulators and the regulated community.  We'll work with anyone who shares our laser-sharp focus on the highest quality standards and rigorous science.
  • NEBRA coordinates with other regional organizations in the field of wastewater treatment and biosolids/residuals recycling, including the New England Water Environment Association and state and provincial wastewater / water pollution control groups (e.g. GMWEA, MEWEA, NHWPCA, and MPWWA). NEBRA has been an active and effective cooperator with the National Biosolids Partnership.
  • NEBRA started and provides facilitation for an informal information exchange amongst biosolids & byproducts associations around North America.
  • NEBRA staff and leading members provide dozens of presentations to conferences, webinars, and workshops each year.

Keeping the focus on sustainability...

  • NEBRA pioneered detailed greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for biosolids management programs and was a primary architect of the Biosolids Emissions Assessment Model (BEAM) with Sylvis Environmental and the Canadian Council of Ministries of the Environment.  NEBRA work on GHG accounting has been published in Water Environment & Technology and Environmental Science & Technology.
  • NEBRA continues project work on advancing sustainable practices at individual biosolids programs and through research (e.g. on applying triple-bottom-line analysis to biosolids management options for the Water Environment Research Foundation and a Université Laval project demonstrating the use of sewage slude incinerator ash as a phosphorus fertilizer).

Advancing best practices...

  • NEBRA provides members with tailored help assessing and adopting more sustainable practices.
  • NEBRA offers  trainings tailored for member organizations.
  • NEBRA served in the original development of the National Biosolids Partnership's Environmental Management System (EMS) program.  Today, NEBRA supports biosolids management organizations as they develop and maintain Biosolids Management Programs/EMSes in accordance with NBP requirements.  Several NEBRA members have been recognized by the NBP, and others have functioning EMSes.
  • NEBRA led the production of biosolids training workshops at Halifax, NS (June 2013); Lewiston, ME (September 2013); and Ellsworth, ME (December 2014) in cooperation with key stakeholder organizations (e.g. Maritime Provinces Water & Wastewater Association and JETCC).

NEBRA Membership Annual Fees 2018

Canadian members pay the amounts below in Canadian dollars.

a) Biosolids / Residuals Producers (Generators): Publicly owned, privately owned, and tribal wastewater treatment and/or biosolids & residuals (e.g. paper mill residuals) treatment facilities.  Annual fees are consistent with USEPA 40 CFR Part 503 biosolids testing frequency size groups, based on dry tons residuals produced and/or managed per year. The rationale is this: if you produce more, you have more to manage in the biosolids marketplace, and you rely on NEBRA more.

  • Small: less than 290 dry tons: $200
  • Medium: 290-1500 dry tons: $750
  • Large: 1500-3000 dry tons: $1850
  • Extra-Large: >3,000 dry tons: $2550

b) Biosolids / Residuals Management Companies: Business is focused on biosolids / residuals management.  $1800       

c) Supporting Organizations: consultant, engineering firm, law firm / legal, laboratory, vendor, private O&M company, septage transporter, farm / nursery / landscaper, academic department, non-profit, library, etc.

  • Small (< 10 employees) - $300
  • Medium (11-99 employees) - $500
  • Large (100-1,500 employees) - $1,000
  • X-Large (>1,500 employees) - $2,000

d) Associate (Non-Voting): regulators, academia, students, retired – Contribute what you want: $0 - $200.

All new members, including new Associate Members, must complete the online registration form.

When you become a member, anyone in your organization can be involved in NEBRA and access all services & benefits. Just send names & email addresses for each employee you want involved.


NEBRA is a non-profit registered in New Hampshire and is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions are tax-deductible.

NEBRA membership includes the environmental professionals & organizations that produce, treat, test, consult on, & manage most of the region’s biosolids & other large volume recyclable organic residuals.