From phone surveys of NEBRA members:

“Nothing is slipping past us as far as information goes, we rely on NEBRA to keep us both informed and represented where it counts.”
“NEBRA gets a lot done for the amount of personnel and money used.”
"NEBRA helps us connect with others in the industry and technology-sharing."
"Representation is the benefit.  The result is that people have a more positive view of biosolids use."
“Any information we need is just a phone call away with NEBRA.”
"NEBRA is very good about tracking legislation and making the information available to members.  We rely on NEBRA as a partner, making sure we stay informed, since we do not have time to do it ourselves."

 “We rely on recycling of pellet product for removal of sludge material.  NEBRA has been very active in promoting that and making sure it remains possible in our area.”

"NEBRA keeps us on top of biosolids rule-making and legislation.  We don’t have to worry about it.”

"Nothing slips past NEBRA, technically or with regulations. You are regional and national information in one place.”

“We are looking at handling our biosolids in a different way, and we know that we have the resources we need a phone call away.”

“We appreciate the information and lobbying efforts on behalf of biosolids generators. It is scientific and well done, even sewage sludge incineration.”

"Keep up the good work."