NEBRA's members and staff have considerable expertise.  We like to share our excitement about biosolids & other organic residuals, soils, sustainable agriculture, water quality, public health, and the environment.  We select dynamic presenters to engage your audiences at civic association meetings, libraries, community centers, garden clubs, high schools, colleges, and universities.  We can even make your event a show-and-tell field trip to a nearby treatment facility, farm, or park.

Contact NEBRA:  /  603-323-7654

Current Presentations Available:

  • Applying Organic "Wastes" to Soils to Solve Environmental Challenges
    Biosolids, paper mill residuals, food wastes - all of these abundant organic residuals - when managed properly – can enhance soils while protecting water quality and reducing net greenhouse gas emissions.  This program is ideal for 2015, the International Year of Soils!

  • Nutrient Management for a Sustainable World
    With minable phosphorus supplies dwindling, we need to recycle what's around us.  This program covers the latest in nutrient capture and recycling at wastewater treatment plants, in urine diversion toilet programs, and from food wastes and other organic residuals.  Putting local nutrients to local use to grow local food is a win-win-win!
  • Renewable Energy from Organic "Wastes"
    Are they "wastes" if we can make renewable energy from them?  Hardly.  Right now, throughout North America, there is a boom in generating electricity from organics using anaerobic digestion.  This program reviews the variety of exciting projects that are making our communities more sustainable.
  • Agricultural Uses of Organic Residuals
    This can be a slide presentation or a field trip or both!

Additional programs can be tailored to your needs.