Phosphorus in biosolids & other residuals

Biosolids contain a relatively high amount of phosphorus (P), one of the major essential plant nutrients.  Nitrogen, another major essential plant nutrient, and P provide fertilizing value in biosolids.  However, excess P in soils can, in some cases, run off or leach to surface waters, where it harms water quality.  Biosolids researchers and managers are furthering the understanding of the complex dynamics of P in soils, in order to further protect water quality.  One of the exciting new developments in biosolids management is the removal of excess P at water resource recovery facilities, creating a P-rich fertilizer that can easily be shipped to places where P is needed.  This reduces the P in biosolids products, creating a more balanced fertilizer.


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View and/or download this 2014 WEF fact sheet  here .

View and/or download this 2014 WEF fact sheet here.