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Soils of Maine: Digging Deeper

...a Maine Public Radio talk show...

Maine's natural resources support a large forest product industry, a thriving agricultural industry, and outdoor recreation that enhances our quality of life and brings tourists to the state. Soil is the natural resource that makes all of these activities possible, yet it is often overlooked.

2015 has been designated the International Year of Soils by the United Nations, and several Maine soil scientists and soil enthusiasts will share the wonders of soil with fellow Mainers. From mitigating climate change to filtering water and providing advances in medicine, soils do much more than many people may realize and are intimately tied to our quality of life – beyond growing the food we eat.  The discussion will include the unique nature of soils in our state, the actions we can take to conserve soils, organic residuals recycling, and educational opportunities to learn more about soils.  Andrew Carpenter, President of NEBRA, is one of the presenters.   Details.