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NE Digestion Roundtable #13

The Northeast Digestion Roundtable is a quarterly staple diet for technical operations gurus at anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities. Join in! Eat lunch & digest the information provided in this informal webinar. This quarter’s topic: Training and ADdressing Operations Challenges, by Eric Spargimino, EE, LEED AP, CDM Smith. Details… To get access (no charge), email NEBRA.

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Webinar: Assessment of Exceptional Quality Biosolids Products for Urban Landscapes

This webinar will share research-based information and data about the development and use of exceptional quality (EQ) biosolids for renovating disturbed urban soils and growing vegetables and highway roadside and high quality turfgrass. There is no charge, but registration is required.

Learn more and register.

Gregory Evanylo
Professor and Extension Specialist
Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA

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2:00 PM14:00

Biogas as a Waste Management Solution

Room 340 Cannon House Office Building, Independence Avenue SE and 1st Street, SE, Washington, DC
Free and open to the public.
Learn how organic waste can be managed producing resources like biogas. Sponsored by the American Biogas Council (ABC) & the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI).

Please RSVP to expedite check-in

A live webcast will be streamed at 2 PM EDT at www.eesi.org/livecast (wireless connection permitting)
@eesionline         #eesitalk

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PFAS & Other Current Topics in Biosolids

NH DES Offices, Pease Tradeport, Portsmouth, NH.  NEBRA and NEIWPCC present a workshop on current critical topics in biosolids & residuals management, including PFAS.  Keep your solids management program current! Open to anyone from any state/province.  See NEIWPCC Training Calendar (go to course dates and click for course description & registration).  NH operators & engineers get a discounted rate for this class, thanks to support from NH DES.

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11:00 AM11:00

4th Annual New York State Organics Summit

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, Poughkeepsie, NY.  Details.  This yearly event engages stakeholders from across the state in discussion aimed at developing creative solutions to barriers that restrict the sustainable management of organics materials (i.e. food scraps, yard waste, manure, etc.). The end goal is to significantly increase diversion of organics from landfills and recycling through composting, anaerobic digestion, and other processes. An opportunity to connect with NYS materials management professionals and develop innovative organics management strategies for your community.

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