EPA Posts 2017 Biosolids Data Online
(provided by C. Tuxbury, U. S. EPA)

EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History (ECHO) website, which provides integrated compliance and enforcement data for over 800,000 regulated facilities, now includes the 2017 biosolids annual program report data submitted electronically through the NPDES Electronic Reporting Tool (NeT).

The ECHO Biosolids Facility Search is available to the public and centralizes biosolids-specific permit, inspection, violation, enforcement, and penalty related data to users for search, sort, and download in an easy-to-use search tool.

Recent updates to the Biosolids Facility Search include: 

  • Ability to search on 2016 and/or 2017 biosolids program report data
  • Ability to search on an additional Biosolids Handler, Preparer, or Applier option to accommodate the update to the 2017 reporting form  
  • In the Facility Search Results, ability to view:
    • Year(s) a biosolid annual program report was submitted (default table view)
    • Date the annual report was submitted
    • Number of violations reported on the biosolids annual program report  
    • Management practice types with violations
    • Short description of violations
  • Coming soon: We are also working on updating the violation portion of the search form. The update will simplify the violation search options and allow users to search for all annual report violations or all compliance monitoring violations at a facility. If interested, users will be able to further restrict the violation search to management practice type(s).  

Questions and suggestions for improvements are welcome.