NEBRA’s 2020 PFFund Pledge Form & Scope of Work or Donate now… (mention it’s for PFFund)

NEBRA’s work on PFAS related to the management of biosolids, residuals, and wastewater is funded by
…NEBRA and contributors to the NEBRA PFFund.
This work could not happen without PFFund support.
Thanks to all prior “PFFunders.” We hope for further support through 2020.

1. Please make a donation today to complete NEBRA’s 2019 PFAS work.
The pace of PFAS developments this year has meant NEBRA is outspending its PFFund by $15,000. Our final work for 2019 is:
• Completing the reorganization of our PFAS webpages, creating topic areas and ensuring the most pertinent and useful documents are easily available.
• Publishing the Stone Environmental PFAS leaching modeling work.
• Completing an update of the PFAS & biosolids/residuals literature review & bibliography.

2. Please make a pledge for 2020 to the PFFund in support of continued NEBRA work. The goal for 2020 is $45,000.
See the updated NEBRA PFAS Scope of Work for 2020 (pending adequate pledges).

Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) have emerged as the most significant family of chemicals of concern in biosolids, other residuals (paper mill residuals, composts, etc.), and wastewater that we, at NEBRA, have faced in the past 25+ years. Concerned citizens, the media, and some regulatory agencies, especially in the Northeast, CO, MI, MN, NC, WI, AK, and WA, have begun to scrutinize biosolids and other residuals because of fears that PFAS chemicals may leach from soils and impact groundwater and surface water at levels approaching or exceeding screening values and regulatory standards. While the true human health impacts of PFAS in drinking water and the environment continue to be debated, some regulatory agencies have rushed to set standards, some of which are already crippling residuals recycling programs and affecting wastewater treatment. NEBRA’s position and concerns on the topic are at our public-facing PFAS webpage:

In 2017, NEBRA was thrust into spending a large portion of its budget on this issue, as Northeast states became most proactive in regulating PFAS. Late in 2018 through 2019, support for NEBRA’s PFAS work expanded from across the continent, and NEBRA’s efforts now serve stakeholders nationwide. As an increasing number of states, U. S. EPA, U. S. FDA, and Congress are getting involved in regulating PFAS, NEBRA is providing services to biosolids and residuals management stakeholders across North America, helping coordinate with WEF, NACWA, and other national organizations, as well as regional biosolids groups and WEF member association biosolids committees. In 2020, we expect many of the experiences that have been played out in Northeast states to play out in more states. NEBRA’s experience will help biosolids and residuals management professionals head off disruptions and prepare for changes.

Pledge: NEBRA’s 2020 PFFund Pledge Form & Scope of Work