“It was the best biosolids conference of the decade.” (Paticipant)

NEBRA's 2018 Annual Conference

Halifax, Novia Scotia

September 9 - 12, 2018


It's a Wrap: NEBRA's 20th Conference (2017)

Prof. William Mitchell, formerly of Univ. of Delaware, introductory talk to the 1st North East Biosolids and Residuals Association (NEBRA) conference, May 1, 2018 (recorded on VHS, poor quality video remains).

Biosolids & residuals recycling advances soil health, renewable energy, & community sustainability.  But doing more with these organics adds complexity, opportunities, & challenges.   It takes research, experience, technology, communication – topics that were addressed at this destination event for wastewater utility staff, managers, companies, engineers, policy-makers, and biosolids & residuals users from around New England, New York, Quebec, and beyond.

Bob Fischer welcomes the crowd on behalf of GMWEA, with an important message: everybody poops....


NEWEA Conference Webpage


Below are the slides presented at the Conference. These are provided here for individual private use only. Please contact the authors for any other use or duplication.

Session 1: Welcome to Vermont

   Larry Doyle: Net Zero Drives Renewal at Montpelier, VT
   John Reilly: 15 Years of 2PAD
   Meredith Zona: New Mixers at St. Johnsbury
   Eamon Twohig: VT Practices, Laws, & Regulations Update

Session 2: Research

Jim Jutras (left) leads the tour at the Essex Junction WRRF.

Natalie Sierra (NEWEA Residuals Chair) & Mary Barry (NEWEA Executive Director): with Janice Moran, they made NEWEA a great partner on this conference.


Many thanks to these supporters!

Many thanks to these supporters!

"We mustered in Cromwell...."

Someday, wastewater historians may look back on 2016 as a harbinger of a revolution in solids management in the Northeast. And Connecticut – the “still revolutionary” state – is the epicenter. That’s why this annual conference was here, in Cromwell.
More about the conference...
FINAL Conference Agenda


Session 1: Soils & Solids & Planning
   Perl Egendorf & Cheng: Organic Waste in Urban Agriculture: The NY City Clean Soil Bank Pilot Study
   Dwinal: Biosolids Stabilization in Concord, NH
   Ellis: The New York City DEP Biosolids Program: A Review and Update

The Northeast Residuals & Biosolids Symposium
October 19, 2015
Doubletree Boston North Shore

part of BioCycle REFOR15

Biosolids are part of the universe of organics being recycled for energy, carbon, and nutrients.  This conference brought it all together: networking with everyone involved in the organics management world, in a state (Massachusetts) that's leading the way in organics diversion & recycling!

We at NEBRA, along with the NEWEA Residuals Management Committee, appreciate the skilled presenters and quality presentations, below.  We thank BioCycle for the collaboration.  And we thank Greater Lawrence Sanitary District (NEBRA Member) and the others who opened their doors for the conference tours.


Jason Turgeon, U. S. EPA Region 1, summarizes the Integrated Resource Management process underway at New Bedford, MA.  Download  presentation.

Jason Turgeon, U. S. EPA Region 1, summarizes the Integrated Resource Management process underway at New Bedford, MA.
Download presentation.

Elaine Sistare, Chair, NEWEA Residuals Management Committee, moderates. C. Tyler photo.

David Harding (Agresource), winner of power tools in NEBRA Raffle 2015

Richard Weare explains planned co-digestion project at GLSD REFOR15 tour.

Marc Hébert, Quebec environment ministry. C. Tyler photo.

C. Tyler photo

Dr. Sally Brown (Univ. of WA) speaks at the NEWEA/NEBRA "Hot Topics" session at REFOR15.

Keynote speaker Natalie Lounsbury. C. Tyler photo.


October 22 & 23, 2014
Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks
So. Portland, ME

Final 2014 Conference Program
Intermission Slides
Welcome & Introduction by Aubrey Strause, President, MEWEA: download


Lunchtime Technology Presentations
Therma-Flite - not available
Crown Disintegrator

Session 4
McDonnell:  Class B Land Application - It's Alive!
Sierra:  Using a Biosolids Management System to Advance Quality Practices

"FROM 503 TO INFINITY"  (2013)

October 29-30, 2013
Courtyard Marriott, Grappone Center
Concord, NH


Tour: Manchester Incinerator Upgrades (poster)

Session 1: 503... 20 YEARS LATER
Rubin: Part 503 - Then & Now
Chaney: 503 -The Research on Metal and Chemical Standards and Risk Assessment
Smith: Review of U. S. Guidance and Regulations for Sludge Disinfection and Stabilization

Supplementary papers on pathogens and vector attraction reduction:
Smith:  Historical Review of U. S. Guidance and Regulations For Sludge Disinfection and Stabilization
Smith: Controlling Pathogens and Stabilizing Sludge/Biosolids - A Global Perspective

Session 2:  503...  TODAY
Formica and McNeill: Getting It Hot - Upgrading a Fluidized Bed Incinerator in Manchester, NH
Khunjar: Extractive Nutrient Recovery as a Green Option for Managing Phosphorus
McDonnell: Operational Efficiencies in Biosolids Transportation & Processing to Reduce Carbon Impact

Rudenko: Utilizing Excess Anaerobic Digestion Capacity to Process Source Separated Organics
Kuo-Dahab: Investigating Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Sewage Sludge and Food Waste
Donovan: Co-Digestion at Deer Island Treatment Plant
Van Horne: Taking WAS Out of the Waste - Sludge Pretreatment for Beneficial Uses

Rohrbacher: Somersworth Water Treatment Residuals (WTR)
Macdonald: Operational Realities   
Carpenter:  Water Treatment Residuals

Ripple: Beneficially Reusing Industrial Wastewaters and Waste By-products
Richardson: Wastewater Anaerobic Digestion Comes to Maine
Hanson and Connelly: Using Residuals to Improve New England Soils

Van Ham: Keynote - Biosolids as a Tool for Solving Others' Challenges ("Being A Superhero with Biosolids")
Litwiller: Public Consultation - Consistency & Transparency
Alix: Technology & Hubris vs. Common Sense