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What People Say About NEBRAMail:

Great NEBRAMail. I read all of them through every time. I almost always learn something new.
- A. Carpenter, Maine.

So much information in this issue - and good presentation too!
- M. Hébert, Quebec

By the way, great job on your latest NEBRA newsletter and the summary of the TNSSS reports.
- Todd Williams, Virginia

Excellent newsletter...! You really do a fantastic job putting this out.
- James Ecker, Maine

I've been meaning to contact you to express our interest and appreciation in the Prions in Biosolids information you provided in NEBRAMail.... The article was particularly meaningful to us. Many thanks for providing this.
- Barbara Petroff, Pennsylvania

I really appreciate receiving NEBRAMail, as it keeps me up to date on many important issues I don't seem to hear about elsewhere."
- Janice Patterson, Ontario